Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Word in Jazz: Finding Your Voice

Here's a great post from the Jazz Theologian:

FrogWhat is the Bible? All too often we treat it like a science project: Study it...develop propositions about it...defend it.

Now I'm all for serious Bible study. We can only benefit from understanding the original languages and context. However, we can't stop at this.

Dissectedfrog_3Approaching the Bible as a science project...dissecting it verse-by-verse, word-for-word...has great benefit, though we need to be very careful. If we are not, then we will be like the high school student who disects a frog and sees all of the inner parts but in the process the frog looses its' life. What if that is what we are doing to the living word?

That is why I ask...

What if we experienced the word of god as a song that sets us free to compose, a melody that has room for our voice to join in with the ancients?

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