Saturday, September 08, 2007


broken stained glass has some insight on creativity... in light of Madeleine L'Engle's death.
The creative spirit:
"In our society, at the age of five, 90 percent of the population measures 'high creativity.' By the age of seven, the figure has dropped to 10 percent. And the percentage of adults with high creativity is only two percent. Our creativity is destroyed not through the use of outside force, but through criticism, innuendo..."
-The Politics of Creativity, Finley Eversole
L'Engle points out that we must remain child-like which is different than being childish. "Only the most mature of us," she says with an ironic twist, "are able to be childlike."

To be child-like is to be "foolish" enough to actually think that what we are creating isn't a waste of our time and is a gift to the world in order to make a little more sense of it.

Kids are so creative...but then we are corrupted by comments, looks, smirks, snickers and sarcasm of others. It corrupts more than we realize.

How do we remain child-like but not childish, as we live out the imago dei?

Ties in to my comments on the Life of Pi and how some Christians want life all neat and organized... neat and organized are not words that come to mind when I describe most artistic people. Is organizational management something that ruins creativity, ruins mystery, ruins faith?

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