Friday, September 21, 2007

ontario election

The Ontario provincial election is coming up on October 10. Last night the TV networks broadcast a so-called debate. If I debated like that in school, I would have got a poor mark. It wasn't a debate of ideas or direction, it was let's plan the Liberals or the PC's before them or if that doesn't work, we can always go back further and blame the NDP.

And, of course, unless you are already in power, you cannot participate. So no other other party was invited to the debate, including the Greens who I believe are represented in every riding. The Liberals, PCs & NDP all blame the TV networks for this deal... If you really wanted debate you would tell the networks that other parties which run a candidate in every riding are at the debate or you won't be... but then again, maybe you don't want them there.

Did anyone else notice that there was no question and/or comment about electoral reform, about whether to adopt a mixed-member proportional representation electoral system? I wonder why?

Here are some links:
ontario election note that their link to the family coalition party is wrong. Here is the corrected link.
citizen assembly on electroral reform

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Anonymous said...

Good subject to post bros. We need to have our voice heard by our vote...which is even more powerful when others do not exercise their significant right to do so.

Get out and vote!