Thursday, October 11, 2007

Montreal Canadians

We Montreal fans don't get much respect.
Saturday night I was surrounded by family members who cheer for that grammatically incorrect team from Toronto.

But last night...
  • Carey Price started in net for the Habs;
  • exactly 22 years after Patrick Roy made his NHL debut for the Montreal Canadiens in Pittsburgh;
  • Ken Dryden, also played his first game for Montreal against Pittsburgh.
All three started with a win...

And Roy & Dryden both led Montreal to a Stanley Cup that year [Dryden actually only played a few games before the playoffs where he won the MVP - the only player in NHL history to be named MVP of the playoffs before proving to be the best rookie. ]

Montreal has won a Stanley Cup in every decade... but not this one... yet... it's never too early to dream. Heck, Leaf fans have been doing that for 40 years!


Scott said...

Montreal.... Stanley Cup?????

That's more than dreaming my friend. That borders on substance abuse.

mike said...

in that case what have you leaf fans been smoking for 40 years... when was Montreal's last time... 1/4 of that time!