Monday, October 15, 2007

random 28

  • new VW beetle
    In a leaked document, Volkswagen's plans for a rear-engined, RWD city car based on the up! concept have been unveiled. Measuring 3.5 meters in length, the 3-door version should retail for €8,950 and, in true VW style, will serve as the platform for a number of additional models. Manufacture is expected to take place in Skoda's Vrchlabi factory in the Czech Republic, with sales expected in Europe, India and Russia starting in 2010. A plug-in hybrid power train is expected to accompany the usual range of diesel and gasoline engines. Bizarrely, a source within the company describes the project as "new territory." But, an affordable, rear-engined car for the people sounds like a welcome return to form for the creators of the original people's car. via jalopnik

  • U2 tower
    An egg-shaped recording studio suspended from the top of a 600ft luxury apartment block was unveiled as part of the rock band U2's plans for a skyscraper that will dominate Dublin.

    The "pod" studio will dangle beneath a battery of vertical wind turbines and a huge solar panel, hanging free from the innovative energy centre for acoustic reasons. via coudal and the telegraph

  • rock, paper scissors
    I linked here to the RPS world championship. As a followup, Nathan Colquhoun, of the Story in Sarnia, made it into the top 16 in the RPS World Championship.

  • google maps mashup
    Greenpeace is using Google Maps and satellite tracking tags on endangered whales in the Southern Pacific Ocean to follow the current locations of the whales. The Great Whale Trail is an interesting way for anyone to track patterns of whale migration and learn just exactly where and how far they go in a certain period of time. via google maps mania

  • pocket protector museum
    John Pojman Sr., a chemistry professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, has an online museum showcasing his collection of more than 520 pocket protectors. Talk about geek central! via boing boing

  • dual screen tablet
    This is a pretty sweet looking laptop. At this point it's only a concept. via gizmodo

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