Thursday, November 29, 2007

kingdom people

I hope you’ve met at least one Kingdom person in your life. They are surrendered people. You sense that life is OK at their core. They have given control to Another and are at peace. A Kingdom person lives for what matters, for life in its deepest sense. There’s a kind of gentle absolutism about their life-style, a kind of calm freedom. Kingdom people feel like grounded yet spacious people. Whatever they are after, they already seem to be enjoying it - and seeing it in unlikely places. Kingdom people make you want to be like them…. Kingdom people are anchored by their awareness of God’s love deep within.
Richard Rohr: Jesus’ Plan for a New World
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Anonymous said...

I personally have been blessed my meeting and fellowshiping with many a true Kingdom 'Kid' on this Highway of Holiness.

Mike you are indeed one in whom I take delight in calling brother and friend in Christ. He is our life.

~8) Rom 12.10 at it's best! RoG