Sunday, December 23, 2007

christmas in bethlehem

I came across a couple of posts [first: Jonny Baker and then Way Out West] this AM that point to the Amos Trust.

Here's a powerful nativity set. In this version the wall is removable... not so easily done in Bethlehem.

They also make avalable for free some other excellent resources: "voices from the ghetto 2007" a series of personal stories prayers, meditations and songs by Amos Partners in Bethlehem and the surrounding towns of Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. Go and download the song: They've cancelled Christmas (the wall must fall)... it's been playing this AM on my laptop... powerful.

Some thought provoking stuff here. Especially if you are a little (a lot) sick and tired of...
  • north american consumeristic views on christmas
  • the over the top or the little kid focused christmas productions
  • some strains of north american fundamentalism views on israel
  • a lot of the stuff / junk that passes for christmas celebrations

Where is that Light that shines in the Darkness?

Is it hidden behind a 25ft high separation wall?
Is it trapped without a travel permit?
Is it labelled a fundamentalist, a terrorist?
Or is it weeping over Abraham’s’ children?

Where is that light that shines in the darkness?

Is it hidden by a wall of indifference?
It is trapped behind self-interest and greed?
Is it labelled a victim, of famine, natural disasters and war?
Or is it crying out for justice, truth and compassion?

Where is that light that shines in the darkness?

Is it hidden by a mothers arms?
Is it trapped; a refugee, a displaced person?
Is it labelled as the illegitimate child of a teenage mother?
Or does it come creeping into our midst?

Where is that light that shines in the darkness?

Is it hidden by the lens I see through?
Is it trapped by my self-image?
Is it labelled by my prejudice and mistrust?
Or is it slowly coming into view.

Chris Rose, Amos Trust 2007

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Anonymous said...

Wall...mmm...I would love to see the 4 walls come down on Fortresses called the 'Church Building' The gospel is too good to be kept contained within four walls.

The manger scene (above) has a parallel with our buildings in Christendom.