Thursday, December 20, 2007

random 37

the top 10 astonomy pictures of 2007.

real estate
I thought prices here in Waterloo were getting a little crazy. Toronto's smallest house is up for sale. 300sq ft for $173,000
american abandoned buildings

35 weird facts

table cloth trick
Boing boing links to these 2 related items:
1:In science educator Robert Krampf's Experiment of the Week video, he sums up how inertia enables you to yank a tablecloth out from under dishes without causing a disaster. (Sometimes.) Link
2: "Genetleman juggler" Mat Ricardo does the old table cloth trick but in reverse! It's the finale for his terrific act. Bravo! There's a long lead into the trick, but that's good as well. Here's the link

I never thought I would include an item about handbags. I do own and use an old gas mask bag for my old slr camera and lenses. But this is about a friend of mine, Joanne Maharaj, in Lethbridge, creator of Edit Bags, was recently featured on city tv in calgary.

12 days of Jesus junk

heal your church website is posting these wonderful Jesus junk items - you know if Jesus and junk are in the same phrase it's got it be bad!

classic religious joke
This has joke has been around for a long time, but it is especially fun (or is it sad) being told by emo phillips.

via think christian

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