Tuesday, December 18, 2007


it's been a long weekend
  • dress rehersal for a play
  • prep for teaching dreamweaver on monday
  • dresss rehersal for the play
  • up early to shovel the driveway
  • first performance
  • take nadine to bus station heading back to toronto
  • home to shovel the driveway again
  • back to bus station to pick up nathan coming in from peterborough
  • second performance
  • home to finish prep for teaching
  • up early to head to toronto - left before 6am
  • full day of teaching
  • drove back home - back after 7pm
  • i slept in to 8:30am

1 comment:

michael lewis said...

What sort of shameful world do we live in when sleeping in means waking at 8:30....in the morning!

The sun has barely just begun to rise at that time in winter in most parts of Canada.

I remember when sleeping in meant getting up in time for lupper (the meal between lunch and supper).