Wednesday, January 09, 2008

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the greatest of these: today
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not a cartoon
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vegetable orchestra
boing boing brings this to our attention. I remember hearing an interview on the cbc overnight service a couple of years ago about this.
This is a youtube of an orchestra entirely comprised of modified vegetables. There's a trumpet made from a carrot and a pepper, a carrot flute, and amazing percussion. Link to video, Link to Vienna Vegetable Orchestra site

t-shirt and a poster is always good for a chuckle... here are a couple of their products. A poster...
and a great t-shirt
tv commercial
local tv is often bad... but this is so bad it is... well, I'm not sure what it is! Thanks (I think) to boing boing for the link.
This infomercial from a car dealer called Family Auto Mart is truly tacky fabulous. The theme song is incredibly catchy, and the host is like a 300-lb hummingbird with an espresso IV drip.

Family Auto Mart

Posted Feb 16, 2007

Just when you thought local television couldn't get any weirder, The Family Man presents the incredibly manic Family Auto Mart Show.

If you're heading to Florida this winter... check out


Anonymous said...

RE: The 'Organic' Musicians:

Tooo funny - I see that even music has gone 'green'.

The music they produce sounded very much like my stomach digesting a vegetable tray and dip.

Redefines Christian 'vege-tunes'!

I don't understand why they limit themselves to Jazz...I suspect this will never catch on commercially - no killer Jimmy Page/Hendrix riffs.

Although I am willing to download to my composter or green 'I' pea POD.

RoG of the rural 'organic'Church of Belmont-is-stan.

Scott said...

Re: Not a CArtoon - Why God doesn't go to church.

We'll I find it pretty hard to believe that the God I believe in is a big fan of Greenday or Nine-Inch Nails. I suspect there's some things in Harry Potter that trouble him, not challenge.

I'd also like to think the God I believe in isn't that critical.

I think as Christians we need to stop being critical of others efforts to be the church and rather just live out what we think the church should be. Actions speak louder than words...