Monday, January 28, 2008

smoke on the water

It's funny how a phrase will pop out of the sub conscious and stick with you. "Smoke on the water" did that to me today. I have no idea why the phrase popped into my mind today.

It's the title of the classic Deep Purple tune. One of those standard set of songs learned early on for most rock guitar players. It has a great riff. I've heard versions on organ, ukulele, and synthesizer... it seems everybody plays "Smoke On The Water". If you listen to just one version... go to the G3 version near the bottom. It would go great with a reading of Job 41:18f

Here's the original Deep Purple

Apologetix parody

a bit unusual...

and this killer multi-guitar solo from "G3".

bob dylan playing, not "smoke on the water" but "man in the long black coat" which has the line "smoke on the water"

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Anonymous said...

Apparently - King David did an unplugged version of smoke on the water oy-vv-ae.

I had a flashback as well this weekend - 'Communications Breakdown' and 'The Ocean' by Led Zeppelin.

Nice you see you are plugged back on line.

funny spoof by our brothers in Christ...