Friday, February 29, 2008

random 44

free coffee (of sorts)
It’s Roll Up The Rim time at Tim Hortons once again.

From next Monday, March 3 until Sunday, March 9, it pays to be a loser. Country Style, which recently re-launched and re-branded itself as a classier place to get your cheap coffee and pastries, is offering all customers a free medium coffee in exchange for a “Please Try Again” cup tab from Timmy’s.

panorama of inside of planetarium
Here are some sad pictures. I remember taking trips down to the McLaughlin Planetarium as a teen and then years later taking my kids there. It closed down some years ago and is now used for storage/office space.

Here's the QuickTime VR panorama.
Link to more pictures and an article.
Link via the Torontoist.

In light of the federal budget this week, we got talking about debt. Here are a couple of "debt clocks" [The numbers are as of Friday, 29 February @ 4:30pm]

shadow puppets

Here is a clip of Raymond Crowe on David Letterman - much better than I ever was!

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michael lewis said...

Perhaps if Country Style customers instead took the cash value of the coffee, only on condition of donating it to the national debt, we could start to make some progress.