Sunday, February 03, 2008

super bowl sunday

The game is sometimes not much. And, of course, this year many are predicting a perfect season for the New England Patriots... but...
When the game matches two teams that played each other during the regular season, the team that lost the regular season meeting is 6-5 in the Super Bowl, including 4-1 the last five times this has happened.
Go Giants!
But the real reason for watching the Super Bowl is to see the ads. Here are selection of some of the greatest super bowl ads

Xerox 'Monks'Yes 3%
Electronic Data Systems 'Herding Cats'Yes 14%
Coke 'Mean Joe Greene'Yes 15%
Apple '1984'Yes 11%
Pepsi 'Diner'Yes 5%
Budweiser 'Frogs'Yes 14%
McDonald’s 'The Showdown'Yes 6% 'When I Grow Up?'Yes 5%
Reebok 'Terry Tate: Office Linebacker'Yes 22%
Pepsi 'Security Camera'Yes 6%

My vote would be for "Herding Cats" or "Terry Tate" or this one that didn't make the list

I'm probably breaking some trademark law, since the NFL is vigilant on stopping what it says is unauthorized commercial use of its trademarked terms "NFL," "Super Bowl," or "Super Sunday". We are supposed to refer to the event with a colloquialism such as "The Big Game," or some other generic description. In 2006, the NFL made an attempt to trademark "The Big Game" as well. However, they wisely withdrew their application.

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