Thursday, March 06, 2008

night watch posts a tribute to Jeff Healey
...who jokingly said he was related to most of London, Ontario area folks....I was one of many. This man's story weaves through some of the faithful saints that have been so very dear to my spiritual journey. It was so awesome to see how God spun the threads of this man's life into my own. I did not know him hardly at all but by name. Others knew him much, much more. He was known to have a spirituality about him. I know his eyes have been opened by the One and Holy God. May his family find comfort at this time of great sadness.

She includes this YouTube clip of Healy playing While My Guitar Gentle Weeps.

One of the amazing things about Healy was his remarkable range in music. Not only did he play classic rock, but was a great jazz musician as well.

He will be missed.

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