Saturday, March 15, 2008

shish kebobs

I was teaching in Mississauga yesterday, then had to go into Toronto to get my Palm Pilot repaired - the battery died. TechKnowSpace diagnosed and replaced the battery in about an hour.
I also had to pick up a lap top and some other resources for some classes for next week.

I also popped into Lee Valley and MEC.

Then I met Janice who had taken the Go Bus down from Uxbridge, grabbed a coffee at Timothy's on Front St, drove around to Richmond & Bathurst to pick up Nadine. After getting her stuff, we headed out to Astoria Shish Kebob House. Great food, great price - well worth it.

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michael lewis said...

Palm Pilot?

You need a BlackBerry!

Just so you know, rumours have it that Rogers is going to drastically reduce the cost of data.

$15 for the first 10 MB is decent. An average user likely won't go over that threshold using only email and occasional browsing.