Tuesday, March 04, 2008

some good music

First of some Herbie Hancock. This past February at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, Herbie Hancock won the Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Herbie is the man! He played with Miles and is still going strong. Here's one of his classics, Cantelope Island, recorded in 1964 and a jazz standard.

Thanks to Robert Gelinas: reflections of a jazz theologian

Second, some Phil Keaggy. Here is some wonderful acoustic guitar - Salvation Army Band. It's been a long time since I've heard some Phil.

Thanks to Kirk Bartha.
I'm going to go look for some more Keaggy


Scott said...

I saw this PK video about a month ago and was mightyly impressed with the looping. So much so i went out and bought a copy of his Philly Live DVD to watch some more.. I have to loan it to you.

Just an amazing talent Phil has...

Walking Church said...

I hate guys who can play this well.