Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bass Players

A friend of mine was accusing me of giving Bass players a hard time about not singing enough. [It's easy - almost as easy as giving drummers a hard time. (Full disclosure - I have a son who is a drummer and another son who is a Bass player)] He passed on to me this story. So this is for all you Bass players out there.
A mindreader is at a nightclub one night and decides to give a small demonstration of her abilities. First, she reads the mind of the lead guitarist:

"Wow, look at all the cute chicks who showed up tonight! Good crowd!"

Then the drummer:

"Lots of people showed up tonight...Great! we're going to make good money tonight"

Then the Keyboard player:

"All three of these guys have no appreciation of my talent...What a bunch of losers"

Finally, the Bass player:


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