Tuesday, April 01, 2008

cataclysmic clash

A cataclysmic clash that could rock our worship plans is in the offing. I'm talking Bible versus Hallmark, liturgy versus culture, Peter versus Mom, new wine versus apple pie.

On May 11, in the year of our LORD 2008, the church will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. And it will also be Mothers' Day.

via a church for starving artists.

This is so true. As Christians we so often buy into culture and focus on something like Mother's Day rather than God's Spirit. If I were a betting man - I would bet that more churches will have a Mother's Day theme than focus on the Holy Spirit.

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Walking Church said...

Might be a great day to examine Father God as the Mother to all our needs.

At meeting of one we are planning to ask the church lady to tell us how special we are!

What are the agnostics doing that day?