Friday, April 18, 2008

random 47

drifting Previa
We had one of these... although neither quite as fast, nor as orange, nor did we ever get it sideways like this. But it's still neat. via jalopnik

Here's a great 404 page.

sweet home alabama
For all you lovers of Southern Rock as it is covered by Finnish rock bands with weird hair while being accompanied by the Red Army Choir, have I got a video for you. This is the world renowned Leningrad Cowboys accompanied by the Red Army Choir singing Lynrd Skynrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." via jolly blogger

sony ad
Sony has had some great ads... here's another one. via cre8ve chaos

music in your head
At TED2008, Dan Ellsey played “My Eagle Song.”
Dan is a composer with cerebral palsy. This man’s body has failed him, but his spirit and inner creativity soars with beauty and gifted nuance.

Tod Machover of MIT’s Media Lab (the guy who invented the core technology behind Guitar Hero), created new technology that allows Dan to release stunning genius locked inside a physical prison.

via microclesia
link to talk at TED2008

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