Saturday, April 05, 2008


Today I am hoping to...
  • put some trim up
  • move some stuff from the basement to the garage
  • clean up some other stuff in the garage
  • watch some EPL football
  • catch some Final 4 March Madness: My predictions: UCLA and UNC will be winners today, with UCLA winning on Monday.
  • start reading Pagan Christianity
  • finish reading A Class with Drucker
  • debug an Access database
  • prep for Access , Word and Outlook training this week
  • work on some documentation for the EBC Board.
  • work on some documentation for Cornerstone Christian Counselling
  • cook supper
  • respond to some emails
  • make some phone calls
  • and a few other things I'm sure I missed.
...And so this clip is appropriate: procrastination.

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