Monday, May 19, 2008


One of the things about life in the Bells household is that things change.
We were making plans to move to Leaskdale so we could provide support for Janice's mom. But this has been a rough winter on her. She's now had at least 3 pouts of pneumonia this winter [the last one was a different strain she caught in hospital]; as well as other medical conditions needing treatment. She has been in Uxbridge Cottage Hospital for the last week now.

As a result of this, in in consultation with her doctor, physiotherapist and other attending staff we have recognized that she cannot live alone. Our intent in moving to be with her was to provide support not have Janice become here full-time 24hour care giver. In fact, when we talked moving to Leaskdale, Janice's mom suggested she might be able to get a part time job in Uxbridge.

So the plan is for her to move into Butternut Manor early this week [as soon as her physical strength will allow her to]. As you can imagine, this will be a huge adjustment for her - and for the family.

Janice is up there Saturday through Wednesday this last week, and is up there this week until at least Thursday coordinating the move.

And because nothing is ever one thing at a time with the Bells - one of the students we had with us earlier this year is back today for a couple of week. This makes Joel the chief cook this week.

And as well, Janice and I are meeting with the leadership team from Orillia Community Church on Thursday evening about the next step(s) on that aspect of our journey.

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