Saturday, May 03, 2008

in my Father's house

some good gospel blues

Could have been raised on the block,
and wandered near and far.
No matter where you come from,
No matter who you are.
Don't need no ID, don't need no membership card.
Don't you know you're always welcome in my Father's house.
Could be a child of the streets, could be a rich man's son.
No matter what you're doing, no matter what you've done.
When you've got no place to hide, and no place left to run.
Don't you know, there's always shelter in my Father's house.
When you're lonely and discouraged,and misery won't end.
When you need that helping hand,and no one wants to lend.
And when you're down on your knees,and praying for a friend.
Don't you know, you'll surely find one, in my Father's house.
When you're mistreated in this world, like a stranger in a strange land.
And when the chains around your heart,are just to much to stand.
When heaven's just a word, and hell is close at hand.
Come lay your burden down child, in my Father's house.
(Eric Bibb)

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