Friday, May 30, 2008

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how to tell if you're the favourite son

the National Gallery of Art - Afghanistan
The website for the National Gallery of Art exhibition - Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul - primarily consists of an interactive timeline of artifacts from Afghanistan dating from the Bronze Age, 2200 - 1900 B.C. through the 2nd century A.D. For example, view gold bowls from Tepe Fullol, a site discovered in 1966, providing the first evidence of Bronze Age Culture in northern Afghanistan; or a gilded silver ceremonial plate from the former Greek city of Aï Khanum, founded by a follower of Alexander the Great in 300 B.C. The purpose of the exhibition is not only to showcase, but also to preserve, the rich but endangered history and culture of Afghanistan. In ancient times a crossroads of the Silk Road, Afghanistan in the 20th and 21st centuries has been ravaged by wars and conflict. Visitors should also check out the link "History and Maps", which leads to more information from the National Geographic Society, a co-organizer of the exhibition.

Random mug turns out to be ancient artifact
In 1945, John Webber's grandfather, a scrap metal dealer, gave his son a random mug to play with that he had picked up along the way. John always thought it was brass and kept it with a bunch of other random stuff in a shoebox under his bed. Then when John, now 70, was moving out of his home, he decided to have the mug appraised. Turns out, the mug is gold and was made in the third or fourth century BC. It's expected to sell at auction for nearly a million bucks. Antiques Roadshow, eat your heart out! From AFP: Webber... told The Guardian newspaper that his grandfather had a "good eye" for antiques and picked up "all sorts" as he plied his trade in the town of Taunton in south-west England.

"Heaven knows where he got this, he never said," he added, revealing that as a child, he used the cup for target practice with his air gun.
Greatest? Moments in the Price is Right
Some clips from The Price is Right and Bob Barker. This is one is for Nathan - A Price is Right fan

Robin Williams and Carol Burnett
A young Robin Williams - the funeral skit is done as written, followed by Robin Williams style

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