Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here is it...
...the opportunity you have been waiting for...
You can now own a halfpipe of your own
  • 8' wide
  • 24' long
  • almost 4' high
  • the wood that rests on the ground is all pressure treated
  • sides are 3/4" ply
  • structure is solid... as you can see from the photo you will need some new skin
  • it comes with the patio stones as well
  • it bolts together in 3 - 8' x 8' sections
It can be yours simply for the taking away.

There is another photo on Nadine's blog


michael lewis said...

Throw it over the fence, and then it's a philanthropic donation to local community park!!

mike said...

it's a little big for throwing

I put it up on kijiji this am... several responses within a couple of hours... someone's coming tonight to start taking it away

Walking Church said...

why not just tear down the fence and have true community access - giggle....most narly dude...most narly