Wednesday, September 03, 2008

first few days

We - Janice, Joel & myself - are officially here in Orillia.
Here's a brief rundown of the first week

  • It rained Thursday night, but it stopped by 6:30 Friday AM
  • The truck & crew arrived around 8:30AM
  • With only a couple of minor glitches we had everything loaded and ready to go by 1pm
  • My parents finished the clean up while we hit the road
  • We got to Orilla, picked up the key, helped unload the truck, & we were finished by 5:30pm
  • A number of people from OCC came by to help with the unloading, brought some groceries and dinner in - 8 people around our dining room table for the first meal - it felt like home.
  • It started to rain around 6:30pm - we had a dry move.
  • Later that evening, Joel got the first phone call.
  • A couple more families came by, including our friends, Sam & Myrna from Gravenhurst
  • We had supper with another family from OCC
  • I was moving a little slow - I pulled a muscle in my back moving a sofa couch out of our house in Waterloo - we left it there. Those things should be banned!
  • We went to OCC & I didn't have to preach... just was there with the folks
  • My first, official day - moving stuff around, unpacking, a couple more folks dropped around, read some sitting in our backyard with lots of perennials
  • Went for a walk down to the Lake
  • Discovered that our carefully drained and wound hoses were left behind in a garbage bag - and so are now well bedded in the Waterloo Region Landfill
  • My first day in the office
  • Got acquanited with a bunch of stuff - Brenda is great
  • In the afternoon, Janice & I made the rounds to City Hall, Orillia Power, and bought a bunch of little things we needed for the house
  • A quiet AM, Brenda is only in, 3 days a week
  • Got a start on the message for Sunday
  • Reviewed some documents
  • My first Leadership Team meeting
  • I was in Mississauga, teaching an Access course
  • Almost finished the message
  • Headed out to an Irish Ceilidh - great fun - too bad my back prevented me from joining in the dancing

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