Tuesday, September 02, 2008


As I have blogged before and as been noted in MACLEANS - Waterloo is one smart city. It was ranked in the top 7 2 years ago; this year it was number 1 - my guess is it's ranking will drop this year - after all we moved away!

Now, Orillia, doesn't show up on those lists, after all - it - we - are a small city - the 39th largest by population - according to wikipedia
  • Our composite learning index is 84, while the counties on either side are 85 and 86. The 84 puts us in a tie for 8th on the smartest city list.
  • Our time & money given to museums & the performing arts ties us for 5th on the cultured list.
  • Our 50.4% volunteering rate ties us for 14th on the caring list.


The Gentile Rabbi said...

Cities are overrated. Towns, on the other hand, are filled with sophisticated culture and intelligent people.

Take Hanover, for example. It's known as "the place to be."

We don't need a magazine to tell us how cool our town is. It's on our sign.

Scott said...

Let's not forget that in Orillia, Ontario 77% said yes.....


I suspect there's a lot less headaches in town now.