Monday, September 01, 2008

random 57

for better or for worse
Lyn Johnson's comic strip is taking on a new/old shape. Here's her explanation. Here's the last comic old style and here's the link for the first of the new strip

baseball audio

Baseball is one of the sports that is best listened to on the radio. The baseball historian has the complete audio of some classic games.
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no end in sight
What some consider one of the best documentories of 2007 No End In Sight is available on YouTube between now and the USA election [or is supposed to be - I haven't found anything more than the trailer yet. The film is a sharp critique of the war and the Bush handling of the war. Charles Ferguson, the director, is upset that the Iraq War has faded as an issue in the current election campaigns.

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please dress me is a t-shirt search engine

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