Thursday, October 16, 2008


I trust everyone had a great thanksgiving. Check out Nadine's blog for Bells family details.

It's now back into the activities of fall... anyone else sensing a shift in activitity since the weekend?

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In Christ Alone said...

Checked it out earlier...sounds like a great family....can we be adopted in....oh we already are family...ok, then, can we join your fabulous weekends together, sounds just like what the Doctor ordered. It is either there in the dynamics or know what I mean? Sounds like you have done a great job in the parenting and extended family/relationship areas. Expectation is that that would be a given....pastor's family and all that bunk, but it is more than that...and God bless you and yours for that example. It is like reading a piece of a history/poetry/fiction when I read your daughter's blog. She is a joy and wonderfully good at writing. I enjoy her. Not stalking just checking in on those who I find especially intriguing...don't have something special. Amen?