Thursday, November 06, 2008

living on the edge

The edge of things is a liminal space. The edge is a holy place, or as the Celts called it, “a thin place” and you have to be taught how to live there. To take your position on the spiritual edge of things is to learn how to move safely in and out, back and forth, across and return. It is a prophetic position, not a rebellious or antisocial one. When you live on the edge of anything with respect and honor, you are in a very auspicious position…. To live on the edge of the inside is different than being an insider. Yes, you have learned the rules and you understand and honor the system as far as it goes, but you do not need to protect it, defend it, or promote it. [You can] love both the inside and the outside…and know how to move between these two loves.
Source: Richard Rohr in Radical Grace,
Vol. 19, No. 2, the Center for Action and Contemplation

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In Christ Alone said...

Deep and yet not....I like it...Sounds like volumous reading? I like this high-light. Thanks.

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