Monday, November 17, 2008

random 69

Guy Kawasaki urges us to "eat like a bird and poop like an elephant." In other words, consume knowledge (like crazy) and spread that knowledge around (freely).
via Garr Reynolds

the boss
bruce makes great music to work out to
first from 1975

then from 2002

life magazine was a great photo journalist magazine in it's day. google now has the complete collection on line: life collection
a bunch of rocks
This is for any one who has ever let their mind wander during a class or presentation: but never a sermon :-)xkcd

Free podcasts from University of Oxford, including this interesting sounding one:
Caging Schrödinger's Cat - Quantum Nanotechnology

free classical music
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is celebrating it's 120 anniversary. There are 10 free downloads... only until 24 November 2008.

space - magic fly
this was cutting edge circa 1977 [in some circles - not mine]

you got to love these guys. here's the gang welcoming home a stranger: link

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Walking Church said...

I know in some bars as depicted in The Blues Brothers, they put up Chicken wire to prevent stuff being thrown at them like bottles and this new gear for the musicians inside the case they hymnals or offering plates thrown at them?