Saturday, November 22, 2008

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simpson's mocks apple
these may not be up long...

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a one person remake of thriller

movie spoilers
100 spoilers in 4 minutes by the fine brothers - some language
list of spoilers

schroeder tripping beethoven

wins a car but no place to drive it
Louie Edgi, a cancer patient currently residing in the horribly frigid area of Norman Wells, Canada, has won the Cash and Cars Lottery, which supports the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society. The prize? A Koenigsegg CCX. The catch? Norman Wells is a remote town up in God's Country with only one 12-kilometer dirt road. And it gets worse. No highways lead to Norman Wells, meaning the car would need to be flown in or driven up a winter ice road.
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decorate your house on google maps
coke has a site where you can decorate your google maps house with lights - it doesn't work here in Orillia were satelite photo coverage is pretty poor. I guess there is nothing up here looking at.

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myers briggs via your blog
Many will have taken some variation of the Myers Briggs Personality Test. Well, now there’s a version of that for blogs. Visit Typealyzer, enter the URL of your blog, and see what type you are. It missed me slightly... I am an INTP and it identified me as an ISTP.
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cats of the living dead


nadine said...

Hmm. The last Myers-Brigg I attempted pegged me as an ISFJ. But my blog is ESFP.

My blog is more extroverted than I am.

Joel B. said...

Holy cow, man, that Thriller thing is amazing.