Monday, January 05, 2009

random 75

how to lace your shoes
runner's world has an article and video on how to lace you shoes - and you thought it was simple

Construction history of the international space station in photos.

the price of books
This list of the most expensive books of 2008 from abebooks makes my book habit seem a little more affordable.

Hawaiian Shirt Pioneer Dies
The man who gave the world a colorful style loved by everyone from Guy Kawasaki to Jimmy Buffett [and Rick Warren] fans has died. Alfred Shaheen, a pioneering textile manufacturer and the man credited with bringing Hawaiian shirts into the mainstream, passed away December 22 at the age of 86. Shaheen’s aloha shirts debuted in 1948 and even made the cover of Elvis Presley’s 1961 “Blue Hawaii” soundtrack album.

via truemors

space elevator
In December the private firm Eurospaceward hosted the Second International Conference on Space Elevator and Tether Design in Luxembourg to discuss schemes for a space elevator. One of the presentations was by Age-Raymond Riise of the European Space Agency, with a markedly simple idea. He proposed sending power mechanically - effectively by providing a carefully timed jerk of the cable at its base. See the bbc article for a video.

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flyawaynet said...

I never knew about the shoe tying thing I'm always double knotting because they come untied. I'll try this!
Thanks for this random info!