Saturday, February 28, 2009

auto industry

The auto industry has the hands [no... make that their biggest trucks] our asking for money to stay alive. Save us from our own incompetence. I may be overly cynical, but why should we be pouring $billions in so-called loans without any firm repayment plans? Try that with your local bank!
Why should we be pouring $billions into an industry that has fought hard to avoid requirements to increase gas mileage?
engadget has this article on $25billion for electric vehicles, that is tied up on red tape... I wonder how much of the red tape is because of the abuses of the auto industry in the past & government is paranoid about current / future abuse?

Just some thoughts on a messy situation.


michael lewis said...

My opinion is that NO BUSINESS gets grants/loans/stimulus packages from any level of government to save a dying business model which ought to go bankrupt and be absorbed by the "market".

Save those billions for assistance to workers who lose their jobs.

Let capitalism be capitalism (not communism) and allow dying businesses to die, and let new business to flourish from their remains.

Walking Church said...

My own personal economic stimulus package would be to pump millions into training/educating Doctors and Nurses...for free. At the end encourage them to buy all the cars, trucks they want for friends and family. Also give them a huge employee discount.

Too much government; take a pay cut and sit down for a bit.

Auto Road Rage done...L0L