Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Canadian season of spring begins...


Barry Clarke said...

Hey...my cup! :)

Nice to see it decorating someone else's page

Walking Church said...

I bought a green tea at Tim's and won a free coffee with the toss away cup.

I am not sure why the contest is geared towards not being more 'green'.

I elected to sit in the shop and have a mug. They gave me a paper cup just to roll up the rim...and toss.

What an environmental waste...

I guess I had a choice and a vote here too...foresake winning something and be Mr Green and politely decline the cup offering...or..take the cup home and add it to my ever expanding paper cup, paper plate, and plastic forks, knives and spoons collection...take the winning cup to the counter and ask them to fill it. Oh by the way, can you double cup this...please and thank you.

As it turned out I gave it to one of the transient clients of the Sally Ann's who happened in the shop.

coffee-rant for the year!

mike said...

It would be interesting to track the increase in paper cup garbage around RUTR time.
Maybe they could come up with an alternative way of playing for those who use a china or a refillable mug.
I wonder that the energy footprint is for washing those mugs vs creating those paper cups? Is there any recyclable material in those cups?

Walking Church said...

Agreed - but to do both ...wash my mug and toss away....at least one cup at a time is not eco-friendly.