Saturday, March 28, 2009


Bill Bean @ The Record in KW links to this bangkok survival guide for cyclists.

Some of the advice is straightforward. But then there are some real jewels:
  • "If there is a little space, ride in the middle of the road to prevent motorists from doing things that could hurt you." But then it goes on to say: "Surely they will be very angry, but they won't run over you." (Not sure I'm willing to try that).
  • "...if a fast vehicle approaches, you must move about one meter towards the center of the lane, then quickly come back. The driver will be confused and will either reduce speed or keep a safe distance to you." Or they will simply hit you!
  • "Do not indicate a turn by stretching out your arm! Drivers will either hit your arm, or speed up to get past you before you actually turn." Too true!
  • And here's a good one. "Know a good hospital and have proper medical insurance, just in case."

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Walking Church said...

Be sure to wear your helmet Super Dave!!!