Monday, March 09, 2009

Choice of Friends

Here is a thought provoking post from blog in my own eye

People Jesus associated with
  • soldiers of an occupying army
  • poor people
  • fishermen
  • women with questionable reputations
  • a political radical
  • a collaborator with an oppressive regime
  • a crazy person
  • the homeless
  • sick people
  • blind people
  • crippled people
  • hungry people
  • a woman who would give her last two cents to God
  • outcasts of society
  • a weird naturalist preacher
  • dying people
  • a traitor
  • a thief
  • doubters
People I associate with
  • patriotic people
  • rich people
  • society people
  • ministers
  • people who, like me, struggle with their generosity
  • healthy people
  • believers
Do you see a disconnect in my discipleship?

1 comment:

Walking Church said...

Might I qualify as 'the weird naturalist preacher'?