Friday, March 20, 2009

Gaither's on crack

How's that for an attention grabber?

It's a line from a post by dave wainscott
He stroked his goatee pensively, and offered:
"Hmmm...well,It's kind of like being on crack."

He wasn't trying to offend (he did); he was simply responding to the question,
"What do you think of the Gaithers?"

But what he meant was:
"That whole culture..the Gaithers and other TBN type music and studio's just so foreign to me that the only analogy I have for entering such a parallel universe is being on crack."
In another posting wainscott quotes sarcastic lutheran:
...this is not saying that there is something wrong with the traditional church. Trad church is often a faithful expression of Christian community. But my friends would have to culturally commute from who they are to who the trad church is."
Excellent observation.

This is the essence of being missional... we don't ask people who do not know Jesus cross cultural barriers; we, as Christian, cross the boundaries to go to them.... after all... isn't that what Jesus did?


Walking Church said...

'Trad church is often a faithful expression of Christian community'.

I beg to differ - cause all I have experienced is selfish (flesh driven) people who are small minded; unloving; and merciless for the last 1800 years!

I found little genuine community in tradsville...sorry.

mike said...

"Trad church is often a faithful expressions of Christian community"- actually I think you can find pockets within Trad church that are faithful expressions of Christian community.

I left this part of the quote in, because I think it says something of how generous people who are not part of Trad church often are towards Trads. Unfortuntely, that same generousity often does not flow the other way - "it's our way or the highway"

There are not many Trad churches (as a whole) who would agree (big deal) with the Nouwen quote in the next post, or better yet, actually see the necessity of living out that type of community.

But the real reason for this post... was I couldn't resist a quote thatlinked the Gaithers & being on crack!

No, seriously, I think it's a wonderful analogy. When we force people into a Trad church model, we totally miss the missional focus, reality, necessity of the gospel.