Saturday, March 21, 2009

Living in a smaller city

One of the advantages of living in a smaller city is you can walk most places.

Thursday evening, driving back from Toronto, the passenger side rear wheel bearing went. It had been making some grinding noises, then it went quiet, and then the rear of the van started swaying - not a good feeling when you are doing 100kph on the 400! I slowed down to about 80-90 and managed to make it to the next exit and a gas station - Inisfil Beach Road. We got a tow up to Orillia.

Friday morning I walked up to Canadian Tire to make arrangements for the repairs,
then walked downtown to meet with a couple of architects about the Cinema4 building.
Later in the day, Nadine, Janice & I walked downtown again, to introduce Nadine to an accountant... and then walked back home again.

This morning I walked to the YMCA for a work out. First run with the new shoes... they felt quite nice. Incidently, right after I bought the shoes on Thursday afternoon - at the Running Room in Barrie where I recieved great service - the first song on the radio was Springsteen's Born to Run, which is a great running song.

Hopefully we will have the van back this afternoon - they got the wrong parts (twice so far).

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