Monday, March 30, 2009

rags to rags story

great dialogue:

B - Yah,it's a rags to rags story.

M - Yah, imagine it...did you see the one about the guys who started at the bottom, stayed at the bottom and at the end they were still at the bottom?

B - Yes, that's our lives.

M - So inspirational. Who'd go and see that?

J - I think I'd see that.

B - I would go and see that, yes.

J - It's more realistic.


nadine said...

The landlord is the guy who's opening for them in Toronto :)

Oh, how I love them. So much.

Walking Church said...

It is the story of my 'career' correction 'job' at the Post Office. I will now have some inspiration to do a Musical about me. Pretty sad when one cannot make it in the Post Office...or is it??? More like Alvin in Wonderland.

Thirty years in the making...nah...

Someone dear to me who is my life told me that the least will be the greatest.