Thursday, March 12, 2009

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microscopic pictures
some beautiful microscopic pictures from inside the human body
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march madness
March madness doesn't officially start until the big 64/5 team NCAA tournament starts. But some of the regional tournaments have great ball, as teams scramble to either make the championship or better their position.
Mike Singletary single-handedly fueled a scintillating comeback that put Texas Tech in the Big 12 record books and left Texas A&M feeling a little less secure about its postseason prospects.

Singletary led the biggest rally in Big 12 tournament history, scoring all 29 of Texas Tech's points during a second-half surge that pushed the Red Raiders to an 88-83 win against the Aggies on Wednesday night.
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VW bug & 5th wheel camper
This would be great... I can see heads turning as the VW Beetle does pirouettes underneath the trailer.

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opera & explosions
Finally opera that sounds good! Bridges being blown up to the sounds of the Barber of Seville.

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the video RIM should have used

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scrapbookingI have seen the big interest in scrapbooking. But did you know that Louis Armstrong
coped with the boredom of touring by making mix tapes and covering their 7in-square box covers with collages...
In the dressing room after each show, he would use the same voice to comment and reminisce onto the reel-to-reel tape machine he carried in a special trunk, mixing in musical clips or snatches of banter with his wife Lucille and fellow band members.
Of the 650 reels he recorded, 500 are decorated with his collages.
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pizza conelink

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