Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random 91

floating foam people in TO
Flogos, short for "foam logos"

via torontoist

helicopter hotel
based on a modified Soviet-made Mil V-12via gizmodo

this machine has no brain


bicycle repairman
It's almost time to get the bike out - yes I am a fair weather rider, unlike another Michael who rides with snow tires on his bike. I may need to call "bicycle repairman"

list of things you never knew had names
Some of these I knew... some are new...
I'd tell you which ones, but I hear a wamble.

new design for a kayak
Four-time Norwegian kayaking champion and physics expert, Einar Rasmussen, and his partner, kayakbuilder Peter Ribe, have created what they hope will become the fastest human-powered craft in history—the Flyak.
as the name implies, the Flyak “flies.” Its wings are underneath the water, in the form of front and rear hydrofoils. The more the surface area of a hull touches the water, the greater the vehicle’s resistance.

tuba / sousaphone beatboxing

via cafe grendel

world's fastest electric car: 1972 Datsun 1200


michael lewis said...

Yes, I took my studded tires off too soon this year; hopeful with the early flirtations of Sister Spring.

I quite enjoy how Bicycle Repair Man is out to fight communism.

And that electric car from Oregon!!! That is fantastic! And what about the Kilo-Cycle? 0 - 60 mph in 2 seconds!!

Walking Church said...

I wanna White Zombie!