Monday, March 16, 2009

running and...

On Saturday I ran 3miles in 29minutes.
Today I ran 3miles in 28minutes, followed by a 6mile bike ride in 20minutes, followed by another 1.5miles in 14.5minutes.

My running goal is to run a 5k (3.2miles) in under 30minutes. There is a race in Barrie in about a month, so I am on target to beat my goal. We'll see about changing my goal after that race, possibly even doing a duoathalon by the end of the summer - but I need to do the 5k in under 30minutes first.

But as I was finishing up, I got thinking about how much time and effort and energy I put in getting into and staying in race shape. Then there is eating right, and getting enough sleep, having the right shoes and other running gear... I won't even get into the whole issue of bikes (that will scare Janice if I start talking about a new bike!)

And I started wondering, how much time and energy and focus do I put into kingdom ministry? I'm not saying that running is bad. In fact, I think it's good for me. But if it starts to dominate my thoughts, at the expense of walking faithfully with Jesus, then it becomes a god.

I'm not saying it is, it's just a reminder that we need to keep our focus clear.


michael lewis said...

Be sure to check out Rocky's road bikes for this season.

Remember: buy local, buy quality, forget the price!!

Local is relative: Richmond BC vs China for Trek and Giant.

michael lewis said...


Forgot the link.

Rocky Mountain Bikes

mike said...

maybe I should fo for a

michael lewis said...

I don't even want to know what the price points are!!!

Those bikes seem a bit beyond my ability level...

mike said...

One of the bike shops here in Orillia... the one I like... is a Cervelo dealer... they have a 2009 Cervelo S1 for $2400 - which is out of both my price range and my skill level

Walking Church said...

I am sure He will tell you when you become the harlot! My guess is that He might even drop a bike in your lap. He knows your heart bros...He knows your heart.

Walking Church said...

I re-read again today your thoughts - It came to me in another perspective:

It could be seen as missional!

Join the local bike club. It is a win-win! Pastor stays healthy while engaging some who have not yet embraced the walk with Christ...or there might be some there to encourage and spur.

Who knows you could lead your youth (and their buds) in a biking event followed up with a lunch or supper in the fellowship hall.

As for wheels - in a club you might get a deal on a used one. Or like my Gibson; I started saving farthings for quite some time - and achieved it. It adds up fast - ask for money towards a bike on your birthday; father's day etc

Another option would be to hope the Missionary Committee might see that a bike might be a great missionary tool close to home while it being cheaper than buying a car to joy-ride in a far off country. (L0L).

As posted earlier He knows our hearts and their fidelity to Him; maybe this is just a new missional direction.

He will unveil the plan keep on peddling for Jesus! (ROTFL)