Monday, April 13, 2009

random 93

where are they now

who's alive and who's not

shoe laces
you thought you knew how to tie your shoeskevin kelly points to ian's shoelace site

tokyo marathonLast month's Tokyo marathon had 226,378 applicants for 30,000 spots. The official website provides a Google Earth map file of the course, and Joseph Tame provides a live-stream of his run with an iPhone strapped to his head.
via global voice online

breathing earth simulation
an interesting CO2 simulation
breathing earth

business card
I need to redesign my business card... not sure if this is a good solution... but it sure is interestingvia instructables

steve martin business cardor maybe I should go with something like this
the office - the musical

via creation project

galaxy map
a detailed map of the universe
IT IS the most detailed map of its kind ever created, showing 110,000 "nearby" galaxies, within 2 billion light years of our world.

Every dot is "another Milky Way, with billions of stars," said Heath Jones, the leader of a team of Australian astronomers that spent 10 years undertaking the survey in an effort to unravel one of modern astronomy's biggest mysteries.

via sydney morning herald

making an airship out of an egg
made by someone with too much time on their hands
via izismile

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Randy said...

Today, we’re featuring the show “Kings” from NBC. Actually, all the shows we’ll talk about this week are on NBC, come to think of it. Still, “Kings” is a really fantastic show that has gotten no ratings because NBC buried it on Sunday nights. Now it’s on Saturdays and that means it’s basically on life support.