Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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it's possible
it seems that almost everyone, including myself, has posted this video. James Bow posts this dance video. I don't anything about the background to this.

If I was in the market for a forklift, this is the one I'd get:

10 technologies ready to die
What do you still use? What do you think - are these ready to die?
  1. Landline phones - I still use
  2. Floppy disks
  3. Wristwatch - I still wear one, sometimes
  4. VHS tapes & VCRs
  5. Beepers
  6. Film Cameras - I still have one
  7. Typewriters
  8. The Walkman, Discman and MiniDisc player
  9. Dial-up Internet access
  10. DVD - we use these
via fox news

carrots, eggs & coffee

night watch has a post of a great story.

opening Easter service
Interesting beginning to an Easter service... cover of Highway to Hell

Germany bans GM corn
Germany has banned the cultivation of GM corn, claiming that MON 810 is dangerous for the environment. But that argument might not stand up in court and Berlin could face fines totalling millions of euros if American multinational Monsanto decides to challenge the prohibition on its seed.

The sowing season may be just around the corner, but this year German farmers will not be planting gentically modified crops: German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner announced Tuesday she was banning the cultivation of GM corn in Germany.
via spiegel
Without getting into the whole discussion/argument... this is a good thing.

tone matrix
do not click here if you do not want to waste some time with this tone generator.

american deaths

image shack

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