Friday, May 29, 2009


Hip2BHoly was on Global TV earlier this week. There's been a bit of a mixed reaction to it. It was basically OK. The gospel got positive air time. But one of my criticisms of the program is that it had a very narrow focus. If the goal was to portray diversity and "hip"ness [whatever that is - the programs take would be anything not rooted in old hymns] in the church in Canada - then wow did it miss the mark.
  • There was nothing on the group of churches and individuals connected to resonate.
  • No mention of all of the churches portrayed in the documentary One Size Fits All?
  • No mention of Frost and Hirsch's books.
  • No reference to missional tribe.
Maybe why a program like Hip2BHoly gets aired is that one of the worst things that happened was when a "(Christ)-likeness" became a "(Christ)-ianity". The reality of being a disciple of Jesus Christ was traded for the institutional identity of being a member of a religion. And religions become predictable, conventional, even fashionable. Religions suck the individuality out of the person - you have to toe the line, sing to right song, speak on cue, arrive on time...

The only thing predictable about people who passionately follow Jesus is love and grace. Because they have met and know the One who has shown them love and grace. And that... is wildly different than religion... that is truely Hip2BHoly.

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I fully agree with ya bros..