Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Music Box

meeting of one posted this video by Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Mighty Clouds of Joy remind me of The Sensational Nightingales

which leads to where this post was heading in the first place... sometimes [a lot of the time - some of you would and probably will say] things get convoluted.

The Mighty Clouds of Joy clip reminds me of The Music Box. This video parable from 1980 is a classic.
MUSIC BOX is a parable, a simple story with a special meaning. It's about a weary man who lives in a cold lifeless city. He has a boring job and is unconnected to his family. One day everything changes. In a snowy alley, he receives the gift of a magical music box.

A man trudging home from work through a dreary, snowy city is surprised by a joyous group of gospel-singing, tuxedoed angels. They give a special gift of love and life to the man: a magical box and the wondrous story of a loving king.

MUSIC BOX is a modern parable of the joy-filled life in Christ, and our responsibilities to share the joy.

In the tradition of Christ's parables and the allegorical fiction of C.S. Lewis, MUSIC BOX is a must for anyone who needs a little "Hallelujah" amid the "Ho-Hum."
It must be good - whenever I showed it - people got upset. It's a great parable. I love it. I haven't seen it in ages.

You can watch the streaming version here. Check out all 4 parts.

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