Thursday, May 14, 2009


some quieter stryper for a rainy Thursday AM


Joel B. said...


Not only of the 80's but of 13 years and 3 days ago when this was sung at our wedding by my sister, who, in the 80's, had bigger hair than all of these guys combined I think. :)

mike said...

congrats on 13years 3 days.
bigger hair? is that possible... Fred Eaglesmith wrote a hilarious song called "Big Hair".

She said it was her religion
When I asked her what that was
The higher the hair the closer to god
Well I guess there'll always be somethings
We ain't gotta share
My baby's got big hair

The other day she's running up on Miller Ridge
She didn't check the sign
She got stuck beneath the bridge
It took the cops an hour to get her out of there
My baby's got big hair

When I take her picture just to get her in
I turn the camera sideways
Use a wide angle lens
It makes people laugh
But she don't care
My baby's got big hair

Joel B. said...

Hehehe.... funny song.

All I remember is that hairspray seemed to consume a large part of our family budget, on account of my sis. :)