Thursday, June 04, 2009

music videos

will the circle be unbroken
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Chris Hillman, Levon Helm, Emmylou Harris Roseanne Cash Chet Atkins and others
This is about as close as I get to country music

wanna go to heaven
Mark Lowry, Bill Gaither, Stan Whitmire, Michael Lord
& just to really confuse people... how about a Gaitherish song

How many times have you ever hear the word "N Sync" in a Southern Gospel song?... not that I'm saying that's a good thing... just unusual
It's an interesting song with a chorus that says...
I want to go to heaven
I want to go to heaven
Even if it wasn't all the bible said it will be
I'd still want to go to heaven
I want to go to heaven
I want to go to heaven, if Jesus is all I ever see
Some will take offense with that 3rd line... but I think they've got it right... it's not about being in love with the Bible [and in saying that I am not in any way minimizing the Bible], but being in love with Jesus who love us.


Walking Church said...

I will take my Jesus (Relationship) over any doctrine (book knowledge).

Where Jesus is - that is the only place I want to be. To be separated from Him - that is Hell.

speaking of which - I exercised self-control ('fruit' of the Spirit) by not pressing the play button to the Gather video...I know you will find that so hard to believe bros. (L0L)

mike said...

is it self-control or pride [so you can say I didn't play a Gaither video - lol]

In Christ Alone said...

Thanks for the Gaither video....I just love 'em, even when their theology is a little is mine. They make me smile.

In Him,


In Christ Alone said...

And sometimes (most times), they can make me cry as well. :)

Walking Church said...

ICA - please do not encourage him. (l0l)

apparently he was seen in London at one of these oh my...I thought he was a Christian....

I agree they make me cry!!!!

I knew better than to press the play is just wrong...plain wrong...clucking chickens...or sounds like a chhooo-chooo must be southern gospel. All they talk about is when they die they are goin-na.

Most don't realize they are already dead...Col 3.3-4; Gal 2.20

Please someone - call the church police!!!!

In Christ Alone said...

And to think you helped mentor me in Grace.....tisk tisk tisk......calling the Grace Police on someone who posted....on what....dead skunks...are they part of the already dead group? Just teasing you...nothing like a good Gaither song to have you heeing and hawing. Mike thanks for the courage to show your inner Gaither-like side. :) Everyone else just is too humpf fleshly to say they love it dearly. Not cool and not contemporary enough. Just call me the Eclectic Granny.

In Him,

mike said...

yeah for eclecticism