Monday, June 15, 2009

Tuesday in Orillia

The quest to improve active transportation infrastructure in Orillia continues! Want sidewalks, bike lanes, and bicycle parking? Want to be able to safely walk or bike between any and all locations in Orillia (including across Highway 11)?

Join us for the 2nd annual Orillia Bike Day starting at Couchiching Beach parking lot @6pm for a 10k ride through the NE part of the city.

It's not a race but I couldn't resist some Queen...

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In Christ Alone said...

Your discussions on Orillia are taking me back, Mike. I had and Aunt and Uncle who lived in Orillia and I went there quite regularly in the summer to camp. A great city nestled between two great bodies of water. They lived on Lake Simcoe and I would enjoy Lake Couchiching and the Park in Orillia when heading uptown for some fun and excitement. Sounds like things are really booming up there and for the Church Body you find yourself with up there. God's blessings. I love reading your blog.

In Him,