Friday, September 18, 2009

random 104

fred eaglesmith
Fred is one of the best folk-blues-bluegrass-country-singer-songwriter-performer around, And he's from southern Ontario to boot. He has probably played in the majority of bars or clubs in the North America - either solo or with his band 'The Flying Squirrels'. Fred sings about country-small town life: He's a hero for those who recognise themselves in his lyrics: poor farmers, racing trains, ramshackle trucks and love affairs full of misunderstanding.

this is a powerful tribute to those who have lost a farm

The best line from the season opener of Bones is:
The psychic played by Cyndi Lauper, asks Bones, "How are you feeling?"
She responds; "Well, they gave me medication, so I feel how I imagine people of average intelligence feel all the time."

helen keller
This 1930 newsreel footage shows Helen Keller and her companion Anne Sullivan demonstrating how Keller learned to speak.

via kottke

rearrange your house
The Brazilian architectural firm FGMF Arquitetos has designed a house made up of five lightweight, pre-fab modules. The central one, which houses the kitchen and bathrooms, is fixed. But the remaining four can be rotated on a whim.
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